In the Field with Matt Grober of Conscious Construction

A team from Conscious Construction, the contractor building the Step Two project for Step One, has been on site since the summer and has been a lovely addition to our school’s community. They have stayed on-schedule and on budget, minimized disruption to the classroom, and fielded questions from curious children with great aplomb! We interviewed Matt Grober, Project Head, about his experience supervising Step Two, his background, and what it’s like to solve construction problems on the fly. For more about the Step Two project, check out!

How Step One Can You Be?

In a riff on the famous ‘How Berkeley Can You Be?,’ we ask our alums, staff, family and friends to share the moments that make them stop and think “Wow, that’s so Step One.” This month, Daniel Paige, a member of our outstanding office staff (plus parent of Addie in Room One) shares his favorite Step One customs, plus gives us a peek behind the curtain at how his work keeps our school humming along.