An Appreciation of Zeena from Amalie Hazelton

Zeena and Am.png

Amalie Hazelton and Zeena Cameron taught together for many years in Room 2.

I love Zeena so much. She was one of my first mentors at Step One and took me in from the very beginning. Zeena would give you the shirt off her back and became a part of so many different families. Zeena never stopped learning. Any class the school wanted someone to go to, she was first to volunteer. She has so much knowledge as a teacher, a lot of energy, and a big personality: we laughed so much together. Books were always huge for her; I’m excited for her to be the school librarian. She was always on the library's wanted list because half the library was in our classroom!

Zeena was totally devoted to teaching and went the extra mile to make things special. We had a sand-table that was a therapeutic kind of space with all these little figurines and animals, where kids could make little worlds. A lot of emotional development happened there. That was Zeena's special space: she loved to find little perfect things to help children express themselves.