An Appreciation of Zeena from Anthony Taylor

Anthony Taylor and Zeena Cameron taught for many years together in Room 2.

Amalie, Anthony, and Zeena.png

Room Two strives to make parents feel like we're a family. Zeena did that particularly well. With parents and grandparents, she learned names right away and was always making connections. She had a particular knack for sensing children’s needs. Children are like cups of water: some kids’ cups are overflowing, some are empty, some are half-full. Zeena could was there for the kids who needed more in their cups. There’s such a kindness about her. If my hand fell off, she would give me hers. She was there for anyone who needed help, and she gave all she had. 

In Room 2, we had lots of fun and laughed a lot. Zeena would get so excited with the children about what they were learning. That’s not an easy thing to do as a teacher: the world is new to them, and every year you have you have to let them explore, not rush to give them the answer. Zeena could really wonder with the children, stay curious and keep learning fresh and new.