Extended Day Program

Our Extended Day program maintains Step One's curricular model, but reduced numbers mean we are able to provide smaller groupings. Our talented ‘specialist’ teachers, who include musicians, artists, dancers, naturalists, storytellers, and Spanish teachers, have ample time to explore these passions with the children in the smaller, relaxed settings of the afternoon classroom.



After lunch, children move to our Extended Day Program, which lasts until 3pm. Children are placed in other classrooms (i.e. Room 2 children go to Room 4 or Room 5) based on their needs and affinities, allowing them to branch out socially with other children and teachers. As the children develop over the year, their room placement may change also. For example, some will start in our nap room, then transition to one of our afternoon enrichment rooms, where they will enjoy engaging activities (art, movement, music) and outdoor time (active play, group games, gardening, hillside time).



Late Afternoon

For those children who enjoy the benefits of our Late Afternoon program (until 5:30 or 6pm), small groupings continue, with even more time for in-depth projects and one-on-one time for each child. All our afternoon teachers are fully credentialed, with the same expertise as our morning teachers. Additionally, afternoon teachers help supervise children's morning outdoor time, ensuring that children know and are comfortable with the entire staff. We are proud to build a whole school community in which children can go to any teacher for support, and in which students benefit from the unique talents and skills of each teacher.