“When we formed Step One in 1981, Lisa Sondin and I were young and idealistic. We wanted to create a school with a new vision of true team teaching and professionalism. We wanted to understand the uniqueness of each child and family, be inclusive and representative in every way, and be a stimulating and supportive community for teachers to develop and remain.

“Today, what I love about Step One is the care that each teacher takes in really knowing our children deeply, the humor and lightness in each day, the creative way in which children are stimulated and challenged, and the way in which children leave us knowing that they are loved and appreciated for all they bring to the world.” Sue Britson, Director

Zeenas Daughter.JPG

THe Story of our logo

Our “Al” logo was drawn by Taina Seka, daughter of longtime Head Teacher, Zeena Cameron. Taina attended Step One from 1986 to 1987 and in her younger years we would pay her modest “royalties” for loaning us her valuable artwork. Al was based on a well-loved song at Step One, “Al the Alligator“, written by former teacher, Jane Timberlake.