Parent Participation

Parent involvement is a critical piece of our success. There are a variety of ways to get involved from work on a committee to special event assistance to time in the classroom. We love connecting parents with experiences that engage and inspire them.


Volunteer HOurs

We encourage parents to actively participate in their child’s school experience. Each family is asked to contribute 20 volunteer hours every year. The following list offers some possible suggestions for parent involvement opportunities:

  • Volunteering in the classroom

  • Participating in field trips

  • Assisting with special family programs, activities, and events

  • Sharing knowledge, experiences, and careers with the children

  • Sharing any other interests or talents with the children, such as playing a musical instrument or doing a special crafts project

  • Assisting with classroom laundry and toy washing

  • Joining one of our committees


Classroom Opportunities

Once children are settled in to their classrooms, teachers encourage family volunteers throughout the day. In the past, parents and other family members have shared activities or food from their own cultures, crafts, and musical performances. In the Transitional Kindergarten class, this is a terrific opportunity to help with weekly journals or with activities at each work station.



As a 501c3 non-profit organization, Step One School is governed by a Board of Trustees. This group of passionate individuals includes current and alumni parents, teacher and administrative representatives, and sometimes Step One alumnae! As the Board of Trustees, this group works together on ensuring the future of the school from creating and overseeing the school’s by-laws and Strategic Plan, to planning and implementing the annual budget and working on the future goals of the organization, both inside and outside the classroom.