Photo Gallery: 33 Years with Zeena Cameron

We are pleased to share some photos (and a video made by Anthony Taylor) that represent Zeena's years at Step One. We know these images represent only the smallest portion of the wonderful times Zeena shared with children and families. Please send in your photos of Zeena and your family to and we will be sure to share them with her!

Amalie, Anthony, and Zeena.png
Singing Zeena.png
Silly Zeena.png
Zeena and Friend Jumping.png
Zeena with Friend.png
Zeena Classroom 86.png
Zeena Classroom 91.png
Zeena Classroom 2000.png
Zeena and Tina.png
Anay in Room 2.png
Zeena with Hat.png
Zeena in Blue.png
Zeena with Tie.png
Zeena and Am.png
Zeena Pride.jpg