Our Mission

Nurture children’s love of life and learning in a community rooted in respect for self and humanity


Core Values

Foster children’s learning by encouraging and guiding without undue pressure or inappropriate expectations

Nourish children’s innate curiosity and champion their need for exploring the world around them through hands-on interactions with people and their environment

Enhance children’s grounding in the natural world by allowing them to experience it firsthand

Encourage children to develop confidence and pride in their unique strengths and abilities as well as recognizing the strengths and abilities of others

Teach young children through varied pedagogy, with the understanding that each child learns uniquely, while recognizing that play is the primary framework for learning in early childhood

Support teachers to encourage lifelong learning, become advocates for young children and establish a deep practice of teaching through mentoring and collaboration

Strengthen collaborative relationships with our families as partners

Examine our relationships and behavior with the intent of ending bias (isms), enhancing equitable and inclusive practices, and becoming allies for one another