Admissions Process

Applications are accepted year round. We recommend applying early if you know that you are interested in Step One School.  An application will be considered complete when an observation tour is completed.


How Do I apply?

  1. Complete and return an application and the $40 application fee (payable by cash or check).

  2. Attend a parents-only observation tour.

Our enrollment period takes place in the fall, but you can apply year-round ( as we occasionally have mid-year or summer openings.)

How Does the Enrollment Process Work?

All applications received are placed on waitlists designed to balance age and gender within each classroom.

Acceptance letters for the primary enrollment period (January to June) are sent to families starting in late January. Letters are also sent to all families on our waitlist.


How Does the Acceptance Process Work?

You have one week to accept or decline a space at the school.

If you accept the space, a deposit for $500 is due.

You will be asked to submit scheduling choices, including first choice and alternate schedules (minimum 4 days per week for 2’s and NS, TK is 5 days).

I Have Been Waitlisted. What Does This Mean?

In recent years, we've seen many more families able to attend Step One School the same year they apply, even when they initially receive waitlist letters.

If you are not offered a space for September, your name will remain on our list for any school year openings.