School Life

Our desire is that every family at Step One truly feels a part of our community. We offer many events throughout the school year to encourage parent participation and community. Some of these events include:

Classroom Play Dates – Each August we invite our incoming classes to meet and play with one another at Step One School. These parent-supervised play dates allow new families to experience the yard and meet other parents and for returning families to connect with new classmates. In addition, each classroom organizes one or more weekend play dates throughout the year to strengthen bonds between families.

Parent Speaker Series – Throughout the year Step One hosts speaker events on a wide-range of topics from Setting Limits, Stages of Development, Personality Traits and Temperament Tools, Gender Expression, Sibling Rivalry and more.

Grandparents, Family and Friends Day –Just before Thanksgiving, grandparents, family and other friends of the children are invited to join us during our morning for a special school open house, family photos, sing-a-long, and celebration.

Parents Night Out – Each classroom organizes events to give parents a chance to interact with one-another as adults! Childcare is offered at Step One and parents plan these outings together to connect and enjoy each other’s company.

Work Parties – Parent volunteers gather at school, usually on weekends, to help  with minor school maintenance projects, such as gardening, painting, or cleaning.

Family Fun Day – In the Spring, the school’s Community Support Committee organizes a school-wide play date with games, activities, and a music performance.

All-School Campout – Our annual overnight campout is a parent-led experience, with each family contributing. It has been at the same nearby location for more than 20 years and is a memorable event for all families.

Classroom Year End Gathering – At the end of the year, each classroom organizes a parents-only teacher appreciation night off-campus.  This gathering is a chance for teachers and parents to reflect upon the year and share memories, as well as for leaving families to say their goodbyes.