Afternoon Arts Enrichment

After lunch, the children experience our Arts Enrichment Time. Children transition to other classrooms, based on their needs and affinities. As the children change developmentally over the year, their room placement may change also. Some will start in our nap room and then transition in to one of our art enrichment rooms, whereas other children are ready for more physical pursuits.

We maintain the same curriculum model as the morning program, but are able to provide smaller groupings. We also allow the children to branch out socially with other teachers and children. There is the same cohesive structure as the morning but with access to different materials and more art enrichment activities. Some of our ‘specialist’ teachers (musicians, artists, dancers, storytellers, Spanish teachers, etc.) encourage these pursuits and passions in smaller, relaxed settings.

For those children who enjoy the benefits of our extended full day program, we continue with the small groupings and provide more in-depth projects and one on one time for each child. Morning ratios are maintained throughout the day, and all the afternoon teachers have the same credentials as our morning teachers.