Teachers’ Proud Moments from 2015-2016: Two

sosta-raquel-croppedRaquel McKinney Room 3 Teacher

When it’s my turn to lead our Circle Time in Room Three, I always use a lot of Spanish. This past year, one of the parents mentioned that her child was using lots of Spanish outside the classroom after I had led the Spanish circle, and using it correctly. I was proud to offer our youngest children that language learning, when they can really pick up another language easily.

Leticia Montano Room 2 Teacher & Early PM

sosta-leticia-cropped-1When I started as a co-teacher in Room 2, I felt nervous about being in such a wonderful room with so much Step One history. I was shy with the parents at first, and kept myself back (I dont have that problem with children!). This past year I noticed myself becoming more confident and communicating more openly with parents. I want to make parents feel the way I felt as a parent here: open and happy and free. When I’m more confident, I’m more able to do that, so I’m proud of the progress I’ve made.

sosta-tim-croppedTim Turner Room 4 Teacher & Early PM

This year, I was particularly proud of my interaction with one of the children, Inacio. He came to us from Brazil and began the year not speaking any English so we were aware that he would need a little extra love and care. He and I connected right away over a shared interest in artwork and books, and he quickly became a friend to everyone. I was proud that I was able to help him adjust and feel comfortable and happy in this new part of his life.

Aubrie Sell Afternoon Teachersosta-aubrie-cropped

This past year it was lovely to see the work we did on empathy, kindness, and being a friend pay off. After the holidays, we saw children becoming more cognizant of each other’s emotions, wanting to help and comfort each other. If someone was hurt, other children would want to bring an ice pack to the injured child. When a child was new to Late PM, the other kids would help them by saying “It’s OK, your parents will be back!” I felt very proud to see them mature emotionally.